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We provide our clients with the expertise of 14 years of experience on the West African Economic and Monetary Union stock exchange. Indeed, AFRICABOURSE Plc regularly carries out analysis of listed companies to identify the most profitable ones.

Our system allows us to seize in real time the opportunities offered by the financial market. As part of a discretionary mandate, we are able to ensure a permanent monitoring of your portfolio and propose adjustments regarding your asset distribution. Investment and divestment recommendations are also made, based on the investment strategies and selective securities targeted by our Investment Committee.

Our investment strategy is based on prudence principles, such as diversification, non-exposure to short-term market trends, a long-term vision and the exclusion of any high-risk financial products. Indeed, a good asset allocation is essential for successful investments, which vary according to market trends.

In addition, you will regularly receive a portfolio analysis and the position of your assets. You can easily access your portfolio at any time on our website. Discretionary management is in line with the position of clients' assets; it helps to avoid the financial risks that clients would not be able to manage.