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He instructs (by e-mail or by signing a stock exchange order) his/her stockbroker to sell from the stocks available in his/her portfolio. AFRICABOURSE customers have the possibility to give their orders through our mobile application.

  • Act as agent for the companies that appoint it.
  • Register the shares and the names of the owners in the members' (shareholders) register.
  • Prepare share certificates and send them to shareholders.
  • Pay-out approved dividend to shareholders.

The regulation of Stockbrokers' activities is done to protect the investing public and maintain public confidence in the buying and selling of securities.

As members of the WAEMU Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM), they are subject to a set of rules and regulations that govern their relations with the Stock Exchange, their clients and other members.

  • Provide professional advice on investment screening and management.
  • Act as Portfolio Managers
  • Assist project initiators in fundraising on the capital market.

No. He can only do so through Stockbrokers who are licensed to represent investors and trade daily on the Stock Exchange.

A person or an institution that uses his savings or borrowings to buy securities.

A common use Registrar is a record-keeper for listed securities.

Securities are written or printed financial documents representing the financial value of the rights of holders of specified property. These could be stocks or bonds traded on a stock exchange.

A firm who buys and sells securities on behalf of investors for a commission called “brokerage”. The commission charged is regulated by The Stock Exchange. Please visit the BRVM website - for a list of certified stockbrokers.

A bank account is an account opened in a bank that records transactions related to cash flows held there, while a securities account is an account opened most often (mandatory in WAEMU) with a stockbroker (SGI) and records transactions related to securities (shares, bonds, mutual funds) that are listed there. So the difference is that a bank account contains only money while a securities account mainly contains securities.

Yes, it is possible at AFRICABOURSE, to open an account for an investment club. AFRICABOURSE particularly promotes this form of market access, aiming a greater popularization of stock market culture in WAEMU countries.

Any individual interested in profit-making on their savings through the BRVM and any legal entity interested in trading on the WAEMU regional financial market, either for over-fund management or fund-raising purposes.

As an Intermediation Company (SGI), AFRICABOURSE is under the supervision of CREPMF, the market regulator. In this context it has been approved under N° SGI -021/2005 in 2005 and its operation are controlled by this institution. It has over 14 years' experience in the WAEMU regional financial market.

The Stockbroker accreditation allows AFRICABOURSE to provide its clients with sound advice on all aspects of their investments.