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How to open an account

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To place a stock market order, you must first hold a securities account with a stock broker (Societe de Gestion et d’Intermediation- SGI). The broker is responsible for the execution of the order as well as the maintenance of the account, the collection of coupons / dividends and the sending of a transaction notice stipulating the execution of the order.

To open an account, clients will just have to click on "OPEN AN ACCOUNT" on the site, follow the process by completing the forms and attaching in pdf ; png or jpg format, the following documents;
  1. Valid identity document (passport, national identity card or driving licence)
  2. Bank identification statement
  3. Profile photo
  4. Signature Specimen.
The client then moves to one of the AFRICABOURSE branches or representative offices to file the physical documents. For clients who do not reside in AFRICABOURSE's countries of presence, they will be able to send the documents by post.
The account will be created before the physical receipt of the documents and the client will be able to carry out transactions. However, the receipt of the original documents is necessary before any cash withdrawal operation. Once the account has been created, the customer can log in from our site to his client platform to consult his portfolio and place buy and sell orders in real time.