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Discretionary Management allows you to delegate the financial management of your securities portfolio (mutual funds, stocks, bonds) to Africabourse (team of dedicated managers and financial market specialists). If you do not have time or the expertise to manage your capital, opt for the Discretionary Management and you'll benefit from the know-how of our financial markets professionals.

The management of your resources will be fully personalized thanks to the strong responsiveness of our team. Indeed, securities will be selected based on your financial profile. Discretionary Management is the most suitable management mode if you do not have a great knowledge of the stock markets. Based on a contract with us (SGI Africabourse), you specify your objectives (profitability, security etc. ..) then we manage your wallet (purchase and sale) without consulting you. However, you can intervene whenever you want.

As for Companies

If you want to delegate the management of your portfolio and establish a trust-based relationship with a dedicated manager, our Discretionary Management is the right solution. Considering our team of experienced Analysts and Investment Advisors, AFRICABOURSE provides daily advice to help you make better investment decisions on the stock market. We define in collaboration an investment policy based on several criteria such as maturity of the investment, the level of risk, and the sector choices. We are committed to carrying out this strategy for your unique benefit.