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AFRICABOURSE is a specialized financial institution, member of the WAEMU Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM). It was created in 2005 and approved by the Financial Markets Authority of the West African Monetary Union - CREPMF under N° SGI-021/2005. AFRICABOURSE SA is the most present brokerage firm in the WAEMU area (Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and Togo) through several branches and representative offices.

It specializes in investment services and offers a range of financial services including stock market intermediation; investment advice; securities placement; portfolio management; UCITS depositary; financial engineering; production of research. It provides full technical support to companies and institutions as part of restructuring and fundraising operations on the financial market (by issuing commercial paper, bonds, through private and public offerings and initial public offerings). AFRICABOURSE SA participated in several fundraising as lead, co-lead, arranger or member of an investment syndicate.

A Subsidiary of FINANCIA GROUP S.A. (a holding company with a capital of XOF 2 billion), AFRICABOURSE is managed by an experienced professional team headed by Mr. Hospice HAZOUME. Holder of a Post-graduate diploma (DESS) in European Banking and Finance from the University of Toulouse, Mr Hospice HAZOUME has more than 20 years of professional experience. Before becoming CEO of AFRICABOURSE S.A., he held, among other positions, the positions of Managing Director and Technical Director of another local brokerage company.

He was also:

  • President of the WAEMU Brokers Association
  • Member of the steering committee of the WAEMU financial market development project
  • Professor in Market Finance at the National University of Benin
  • Deputy Director, Market Compliance and Analysis Department, SOCIETE GENERALE Midi Pyrénées Languedoc Roussillon (France)
  • Board member of WAEMU financial market (BRVM)
In addition to his position at AFRICABOURSE S.A., he is also CEO of FINANCIA GROUP S.A. and a board member of AFRICABOURSE ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A.